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With the experience of more than 10 years in GIS consultancy and training programs, TGIS aims to provide you with in-depth, research based solutions to your Geospatial problems. TGIS is committed to the client’s requirements with full data security and transparency. Over the years, TGIS has worked with both public and private sectors and helped number of large and small-scale projects with the variety of themes including Land and Environment, Agriculture, Forestry and Wildlife, Urban planning, Climate change, Geology, EIA and many more.

If you are taking up a GIS project, require specific GIS solution to your tasks and you need any kind of support with or don’t know where to get started, get in touch with us to get help from our experts.

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Abhinav Mehta​

Founder Director-TGIS

With strong vision of GIS Awareness among untouched fields of Earth Science gives Abhinav outstanding Knowledge to solve Geospatial needs of our every clients. He believes that GIS & remote sensing technologies can solve every micro requirements of Earth Conservation resolutions. Having vast experience in many National/International organizations, Visiting Faculty of Prestigious colleges, International Publications and award winning moment from Gujarat Chief Minister, he loves to solve every requisite, starting from students to professionals either in the form of consultancy or workshops.

Shrey Rakholia

Senior GIS Analyst

Bringing with him the crucial understanding of Environmental issues and the skills for solving real life problems with GIS and Remote Sensing, he is dedicated in providing solutions to wide number of environmental issues. His knowledge in Environmental Science and Management combined with the passion of using advanced skills in GIS helps cater the needs of clients. Having honoured by receiving awards for the depth of knowledge in Environmental Science on two occasions at the state level, makes him passionate for conducting research and creating solutions for fulfilling geospatial requirements and helping students, professionals and institutes to solve real environmental issues.


Environmental Consultant

Working as an Environment & Climate Change Professional for more than 9 years, he has built his career around a variety of roles and organisations. His passion to work on development issues in the face of Climate Change and Environmental impacts, has steered his career in a direction which is challenging but also worthwhile as he can deliver effectively because of his academic and research background. Groundwater Monitoring, Air Quality Monitoring, Sustainability Assurance, Water Risk & Impact Assessment, Climate Environmental & Social Policy Analysis, Environment Impact Assessment, Disaster Management, Vulnerability & Risk Assessment, GIS and Remote Sensing for assessing Urban landscapes etc. are his areas of expertise.

Sarveshvaran M.

GIS Analyst

With a passion for Earth Observing he has experience in precision agriculture, deep learning satellite object detection, route optimization, and web application development. Detail-oriented, and can combine technical knowledge with a good sense of design to provide mapping services along with fieldwork. He's always excited to further develop and challenge his skills in cartography as he has strong skills in task optimization and automation using open source softwares and programming languages. He's a geographer who has been worked in morphometric and land-use changes and has experience in recent image processing techniques in drone mapping.



• Founder & CEO-TGIS • Technical Area Expert (TAE-NABET) • Assistant Professor (Visiting-NFSU,PDPU & GU) •Entrepreneur & GIS Influencer



Areas: • Environmental Management • Marine & Coastal Management • Environmental Economics • Climate Change Policy



Areas: • Groundwater Monitoring • Air Quality Monitoring • Sustainability Assurance • Water Risk & Impact Assessment • Climate Environmental & Social Policy Analysis • Environment Impact Assessment



Areas: • Optimization • Precision Agriculture • Geography • Automation

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