Consultancy Service

We Provide Customized Consultancy Service to Perform Spatial Analysis in any Earth Science Subject as an Independent Project or Report Analysis for Your Organisation

GIS Consultancy


We are having vast experience in handling consultancy based projects over Agriculture, Forestry, Climate Change, Urban Planning and different Earth Science subjects. 

With a wide range of GIS services, we are offering the best Geospatial solutions that will help your organization to access the potential of your geographical study area.If you have a GIS project and you need any kind of support with or don’t know where to get started, get in touch with us to see how our team can help you.

Benefits from TGIS


  • We offer a range of GIS, mapping, consultancy and maintenance services that help you to better understand your spatial area, delivering fresh insights that produce actionable maps and results.
  • In depth analysis for data and requirement as per client’s requirement
  • Better functioning and ease of paper work will reduce cost and time constraints
  • Better performance and advices over your project details with best rates in comparison to big companies
  • All data on the system is securely encrypted with access to the system and documents requiring authorization

Our Services



Urban/Rural Planning

Climate Change


Environment Impact Analysis

Water Management

Carbon Solutions

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