Application in Geology

GIS is an effective tool in geological mapping. It becomes easy for surveyors to create maps of any area with precise and desired scaling. The results provide accurate measurements, which helps in several field where geological map is required. This is cost effective and offers more accurate data, thereby it is very inexpensive towards the scaling process when studying geologic mapping. Also, in number of Indian states there are various departments who are working constantly in the field of geology to achieve land mining & illegal issues using geospatial techniques.

GIS continues to be used in various fields to analyze important data that can be used to make informed decisions. Every day, planners use Geographic Information System (GIS) technology to research, develop, implement, and monitor the progress of their study area using different geographical features. Earth surface features are easy to map with geospatial tools and very useful to plan Landuse/landcover mapping, hazard, risk, flood etc mapping in the real world scenarios. TGIS offers the best services into these applications with their better experience in disaster management and geographical research domain.

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