We are pioneer in curating GIS technology workshops in the country

To achieve strength in space technology we have started these workshops with the aim to teach people about GIS & Remote Sensing over different class of people with their expertise and requirements. Hopefully, this will be the unique kind of initiative where in different group of participants would be present their selves on a common platform for various training programs of GIS and Remote Sensing with its applications in Environment and related fields.

What We Offer ?

We are offering a wide range of Open Source GIS tools to be learned at our Workshops which will be helpful to people with a range of Geography, Geology, Oceanography, Agriculture, Urban/Rural Planning, Forestry mapping, Climate Change and Other Earth Science subjects.

We offer Training Courses built by our team to fulfill your spatial need in basic and advanced levels.Our courses can be customized for Individuals or Teams, Deliver at Your Organizationwhich allow participants to be more comfortable to gradually work with their skills at own time and space. Introducing hands-on practical demonstrations with one-to-one training, our courses will increasingly build up your skills and experience until you are fully confident in your newly found abilities.

At present we are offering a wide range of Workshops which are made as per the requirement of any Earth Science applicants/professionals.

  1. QGIS Basic (Basic Operational Tools for Daily Use)
  2. QGIS Advance (Advance Operations for GIS/Remote Sensing)
  3. Spatial Data Analytics (QGIS)
  4. Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) Techniques
  5. Hydrology Tools (QGIS)
  6. Groundwater Modelling 
  7. Species/Habitat Distribution Modelling using MAXENT/R/GIS
                                                                         and much more…..

How We Organise

At TGIS, we welcome all of the participants with different expertise of their profession and various skills to learn better technical tools to be use in their practical fields or research areas which help their organizations to better understand their geographic information, delivering fresh insights that produce commendable results in their projects.

With an extensive range of GIS services, we are mostly offering Open Source based workshops to avoid legal bounding and better & similar learning skills at any corner of the world with our help. Our every workshop contains limited seats so that we can focus on every individuals in their particular queries throughout the workshop and after. We believe in building a team of GIS professionals who can actually work in real world scenario so we always establish sustainable relationship with our participants for the better future of GIS and related skills.


Who Should Participate

Developed over 7-8 years of experience, working with both public and private sector organizations, in the delivery of large and small-scale projects, our GIS workshops provide the flexibility, expertise and emphasis to help you complete any GIS project objectives.

  • Academicians
  • Consultants
  • Organisers
  • Research Professionals
  • Scientists
  • Students
  • Subject Experts

Outcome of the workshop

Our expertise of GIS will enlighten participants from the basics to advance level of GIS especially with hands on in different softwares like QGIS, R, Map window, MAXENT, Google Earth etc. At present we have conducted over 10-15 workshop at various places in India and counting it and getting a very positive response from different organisations and their Employees.

We have helped to deliver our GIS assistance towards every subject experts who are in need of this technology to apply on their everyday fields. Our team is highly experienced and result driven to the way of completing any demand of your objectives towards conducting awareness towards GIS and its applications. Also, we are happy to announce that our trained participants are publishing their research articles and doing their own projects using these tools from our workshops.

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